Batch Image Resizer Essential

Swiss Army knife of mass image processing at a fraction of Photoshop's cost! Edit your photos in a batch mode with various functions for image adjustment.
Key features:

Resize 100s of images, photos, pictures, jpegs;
Rotate & flip manually or using EXIF orientation tag;
4 ways to crop: automatic, to fixed size, from edges;
Fit to fixed size or rectangle; fit to aspect ratio;
Perform lossless JPEG crops, flips, and rotations;
20 scaling modes: Lanczos, Bilinear, HqX...;
Resize canvas/add padding;
Change width/height independently or proportionately;
Set dimensions using pixels, percentages, or print units;
Automatically shrink images to fit a desired file size;
Selectively apply actions based on orientation, size.
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